How to learn to take photos?

How to learn to take photos? Of course, first you need to learn how to use your camera. But what's next? Let's say you already know how to set up the camera. And how to develop further?

  • The first, most obvious thing. Learn and try different photographic techniques: technique, composition, light, processing... Even if these techniques seem boring and simple to you. Immediately try everything that you just learned, otherwise you will forget later.If you think something is too simple, try doing it. Maybe it's not that simple. If you think, on the contrary, something is too complicated, even more so-go and do it. At least you'll understand what else you need to work on.
  • All these techniques: technique, composition, light-this is not the purpose of the image, but just the ingredients that make it up. These ingredients must be in balance. And if some complex technical or compositional technique, light and other effects stick out in the photo, then they attract too much attention of the viewer. It's like putting too much pepper or salt in the soup. Each ingredient is important, but it should not attract too much attention. Keep a balance.

In photography, it is not necessary to do everything according to the rules, but you also do not need to ignore the rules, because they are useful for training. Learn how to do it right first, and then do it as you want. You will always have time to break it. But it is better to break the rules consciously, and not out of ignorance.

In the words of Salvador Dali:

"If you neglect anatomy, drawing, perspective, all the mathematics of painting and color, then let me remind you that these are signs of laziness rather than genius"

In addition, honing the standard techniques will allow you to train the camera setup, light exposure and composition to automatism. And when this is brought to automatism, it will not distract you from the main thing during the shooting. And the main thing is the plot. Everything else is just tools.

The camera is not the only thing that affects the photo. Don't try to think too much about your technical equipment. In addition, there is no perfect camera, otherwise only it would be sold in stores. You can always find something to complain about. And you will always want to buy something new. Don't fall for this bait

No need to worry if you do not have enough advanced technology. What you have, then take it off. First, feel all the shortcomings of your camera or lens, and then think about buying a new one. And if you can't buy a new one, then figure out how to turn these disadvantages into an advantage. Maybe this way you will even come up with your own style in photography

The more you walk and look around. Carry your camera with you at all times. And not in the bag, but right in the hands, well, or at least on the neck

Do not chase bright subjects in which there is no special merit of the photographer. Remove the mundane, but do it like no one else. Don't try to react to something obvious. Look for hidden meanings and show them to the viewer

If there is any doubt whether to make a certain frame or not, be sure to make it. Take pictures even if you don't understand why you're taking pictures

Constantly develop yourself not only in terms of photography. Your photos are a reflection of yourself. The more interesting you are to others, the more interesting your photos will be.

Of course, you need to look more and take good photos, learn from great photographers. Now, in the age of the Internet, we have access to almost all the great works of art. Appreciate it and enjoy it

Photos should be shown to other people. Create a public page and post your photos there. Do not be afraid of anything, shoot as you like and experiment


If you think you have no ability, no talent? Most likely, this is not the case. Talent is just hard work. Therefore, the most important advice - do not stop and constantly take pictures. Every day. If you have the desire, then you will succeed